Why a Career in Etiquette?


5 Reasons Why Etiquette Training is a Great Career…

Many people who purchase our programs are moms, dads, and grandparents who simply want to teach etiquette and manners to their children or grandchildren. We think this is wonderful!

At the same time, etiquette and manners training can be a wonderful career for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider etiquette as a career:

You want to make a huge difference in the world, and be respected as a teacher and role model.

The world today needs more kindness, caring, compassion, civility, and warmth. As an etiquette trainer, you teach people essential skills that help society be friendlier, happier, and more civil. At the same time, you help people lay a solid foundation for ongoing success – from making a good first impression, to having conversations and building relationships that are crucial over one’s entire life. By doing this, you become a respected teacher, trainer, and role model. As one member wrote to us after receiving her Certificate, “This is so beautiful to me. It represents who I am inside and what I love to do. I am very proud to have earned this certificate…”

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of making your own hours and being in control of your time.

Etiquette training is a very flexible career. You decide how much or how little you work. Being an etiquette trainer puts you in control of your most precious resource – your own time. Few people have this gift of freedom in their careers or lives. You can be an etiquette trainer and make time for everything else in your life, including family, friends, hobbies, relaxation.

Earn a comfortable part-time or full-time income.

Etiquette training can be a great way to earn an extra or even full-time income. You can start an etiquette training business and take it as far as you want. It is up to you and your dreams and aspirations!

Love what you do!

If you like working with children, teens, and/or young adults, if you like to teach and train, if you want to be respected for your wisdom and knowledge, then you are going to love being an etiquette trainer.

Etiquette is hot, hot, hot!

There is more demand than ever before for etiquette and manners training. Schools, church groups, youth groups, sports teams, civic groups, and caring parents all want etiquette, manners, and civility training in their communities. From offering public seminars to parents to working with hotels to getting grants from non-profit organizations and foundations, there are many, many ways for you to be successful offering etiquette training programs. We make it easy for you, because we show you how and offer ongoing support.

Nothing is better than doing what you love, making a difference, getting in total control of your time, and making the income you want to earn.

Etiquette Moms is proud to have wonderful, caring, smart, and warm trainers around the world – in every continent except Antarctica and in over 70 countries. Like you, they have discovered that a career in etiquette training can bring never-ending value and rewards.

Join us today! We are here to support you every step of the way.


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