Business Etiquette Training & Personal Branding and Image Consulting

Get Certified as an ADVANCED Business Etiquette Trainer

Tap into a huge market for business etiquette training and personal branding and image consulting…. Pay is $2,500 to $5,000 per day and up.

Here is your fastest, easiest path to get hired by companies and professionals for business etiquette training. PLUS: Save $500 vs. ordering individual programs and get additional exclusive material.

Business Etiquette Trainers are in high demand, earning between $2,500 and $5,000 per day. Our ADVANCED Business Etiquette Trainer program gives you everything you need to stand out in this market. You receive the methods and materials to do group trainings and one-on-one coaching about business etiquette, image, and personal branding. Receive multiple certifications plus our ADVANCED Business Etiquette designation.


  • Get an advanced credential that sets you apart in the field.
  • A single training more than pays back your investment in this program.
  • You will feel confident and be competent to lead business etiquette training programs.
  • Companies are looking for business etiquette trainers. One major insurance company told us, “We have been looking two years for someone like you.”
  • Once you are in with a company, they keep bringing your back with repeat business.
  • No expensive travel or in-person seminars are required. Everything is shipped to you in one convenient package and additional online content is provided.
  • Enjoy extensive support directly from CEO Elena Neitlich.
  • You can do this even if you have no previous experience, and we support you every step of the way.
  • Business people love the interactive, fun nature of the content – which means they will love you, too.

advanced business etiquette

Here is exactly what you receive…including exclusive material that is not available in any of our Short Etiquette Training Programs.

  • The Etiquette Moms’ Business Etiquette Trainer Manual & Curriculum (130 pages)
  • Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results (210 pages)
  • Bonus toolkit and audio lecture: How to work with companies to improve their customer service.
  • 167-page PowerPoint that we use with our corporate clients.
  • Sample agenda for a one-day training that includes: introductions, networking, dining etiquette, business meeting etiquette, party etiquette and attire, grooming, and manager/employee etiquette.
  • Four business etiquette quizzes that keep participants engaged and active.
  • Exercises to use during seminars.
  • Service Excellence Toolkit. You can work with companies to improve their customer service.
  • Series of recorded webinars taking you through the curriculum the way CEO Elena Neitlich leads it with her clients
  • The Etiquette Moms Etiquette Trainer’s Business and Marketing Success Manual.
  • The Brand & Image Consultant Training Manual (221 pages).
  • The Career Transition Coach Training Manual (150 pages).
  • Superstar for Life (110 Pages), a guide for high-profile athletes, celebrities, and wealthy clients.
  • Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches — An additional resource to build your practice (210 pages).
  • A series of audio lectures from experts in brand & image consulting to guide you through the program.
  • SPECIAL BONUS. The Money Moms Guide to Teaching Strong Financial Skills (106 pages).
  • The Etiquette Moms Well-Mannered Communicator Trainer Manual & Curriculum (176 pages).
  • The Etiquette Moms Gracious Living for Young Adults: Life Skills for the Well Mannered Trainer Manual & Curriculum. Ideal for young adults getting ready to enter the workforce and start out on their own (228 pages).
  • Sample marketing collateral so that you can instantly market your etiquette programs in your community.
  • An exclusive online member area that you can access anytime for additional training and resources including:
    • The Etiquette Moms Etiquette & Manners Training Videos
    • Audio lectures with advice and guidance about marketing your etiquette training programs.
    • The proprietary Etiquette Moms Etiquette Assessment Tool
  • Five full years of ongoing support directly from Etiquette Moms CEO Elena Neitlich.
  • Certificate of Completion as an ADVANCED Business Etiquette Trainer, suitable for framing – as well as separate Certificates as a Business Etiquette Trainer and Brand & Image Consultant.
  • Complimentary membership and use of logos from The Society for Certified Etiquette Trainers.
  • Certification through a simple testing process that is fast and fair. We work with you to assure your success, and you can take the test again and again until you pass. Our members have a 100% pass rate, so no test anxiety here!

Program Cost: $1,795   $1,295 You save $500 compared to ordering each program separately, and you get additional materials exclusive to this program!

Pay up front and pay Only $1295 or pay 5 convenient monthly installments of $279 ($1395). Free shipping included anywhere in the world.

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